Flying with Max and David in Concordes

Every once and a while, I like to open up FlightGear and go fly in an aircraft such as the A321 or Cessna 172. One afternoon, I decided to spawn at Flughafen Frankfurt am Main (EDDF) where I happened to meet ATCjomo. After checking out his website a little bit, I figured out that he appears every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday to provide realistic ATC services.

So today me and my friends Max and David decided to take advantage of his services to get ourselves in the air in a realistic manner. Our chosen aircraft was the Concorde and our destination was Letališče Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana (LJLJ). After some technical problems in pushing back, we all managed to get ourselves down the taxiways and onto the runway for departure. I departed first, with Max following, and finally David. To all our amazement, none of us crashed and ATCjomo got us all directed in the same direction without incident.

After some time, we all exited the Frankfurt airspace and were deciding on what to do next. We determined that landing our Concordes was not going to be an option because we were all very inexperienced in doing so. This would lead to us most likely just crashing and making for a not interesting flight. Instead, we decided to create a formation.

Since I was the first to take off, I was very far ahead of Max and David. Luckily FlightGear has a feature where you can speed up time, so they used it to get in the same general area as me. That’s when the tedious process of adjusting our heading, speed, and altitude began.

David was the first to appear in my view.

Shortly after, Max appeared in my view as well and I was able to see both planes in my view at the same time.

We kept poking at the autopilots to get closer and closer.

However, we were running into issues where we weren’t consistently positioned across all our views, so it was impossible to make the formation look neatly organized. This ended up being our best formation from my view.

We were very satisfied with this formation, but needed to decide on what to do next. We still had the problem where we were too inexperienced to land our Concordes, but we also well overflew the destination airport because we were distracted. So we did the next best thing: plugged a vertical speed of -5000 ft/min into the autopilot and lawn darted into the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Within a few minutes, we all hit the ground and came to a halt.

This was fun for all of us, and we learned quite a lot in the process.

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