Testing Whether or Not Discord Actually Deletes Files

Discord is a text and voice communication platform marketed towards gamers. One main feature of their text platform is the ability to upload up to 8MB (50MB for paying users) files and embed them in messages. Each file has a publicly accessible permalink which allows sharing it outside of Discord. One common criticism that seems to be floating around is that Discord doesn’t delete your files if you delete the messages they are attached to. The proof for this is that if you delete a message containing a file and immediately try to access the permalink to it, the file still shows up, with the conclusion being Discord didn’t delete it as requested. I decided to test this to ultimately figure out what actually happens.

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Flying with Max and David in Concordes

Every once and a while, I like to open up FlightGear and go fly in an aircraft such as the A321 or Cessna 172. One afternoon, I decided to spawn at Flughafen Frankfurt am Main (EDDF) where I happened to meet ATCjomo. After checking out his website a little bit, I figured out that he appears every Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday to provide realistic ATC services.

So today me and my friends Max and David decided to take advantage of his services to get ourselves in the air in a realistic manner. Our chosen aircraft was the Concorde and our destination was Letališče Jožeta Pučnika Ljubljana (LJLJ). After some technical problems in pushing back, we all managed to get ourselves down the taxiways and onto the runway for departure. I departed first, with Max following, and finally David. To all our amazement, none of us crashed and ATCjomo got us all directed in the same direction without incident.

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Making Caddy Handle WordPress Pretty Permalinks

I had been using Apache as my web server choice for many years. While it did its job very nicely, I was not happy with the overall speed of it. So I went looking for a new web server. Originally I looked at nginx as it is the most common alternative to Apache, but I personally found it a little too complicated to set up. Then I found Caddy.
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